Wired High-Speed

Ingenico iCT220

Ingenico iCT220 ($312 per unit) - Used as an all-in-one terminal, this is very similar to the option above but it has been optimized for small businesses. Once again, the terminal will also be the device customers use to enter their pin and it makes for an efficient solution for businesses with a smaller budget.

Technical specs
Ingenico iCT250

Ingenico iCT250 ($378 per unit) - Commonly seen as the next generation terminal, this utilizes fantastic new technology with the ‘Magic Box’. Essentially, this connector acts as the customer PIN pad as well as the terminal. As you connect the phone line or internet, the terminal can be passed to customers to enter their pin and the whole process is made easier!

Technical specs

Bluetooth and Wireless

Ingenico iWL220

Ingenico iWL220(C2CG3 Ingenico can 2206 CHRG PK) - Designed specifically for restaurants, this is a fantastic option for portability. As a handheld unit, it can be moved up to 200 meters from the station so customers at tables can pay without even having to move. Using a high-speed internet connection, the thermal printer can print around 30 lines each second and it even boasts an LCD screen. In terms of efficiency, this is one of the best models on the market for restaurants and perhaps even retailers.

Technical specs

Long-Range Wireless

Ingenico iWL250

Ingenico iWL250 - One of the latest models on the market, this is a long-range terminal for debit cards. Using a sleek design, it can be transported easily and even the busiest days will be handled with ease thanks to the long-lasting battery. Once you have this system in place, you can actually process payments anywhere in the city or country as it uses an AT&T Wireless SIM card.

Furthermore, with Payment Partner you will have a long-range wireless monthly package; this comes with built-in data and a universal SIM. What does this mean? Rather than being pinned down to one provider, the device will search for the best connection from Bell, Rogers Wireless, and TELUS. Wherever you are in Canada, you will find a connection which makes payments easier than ever before.

Technical specs
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